At Fidugius, we provide you with a comprehensive accounting and reporting manual where you can publish your accounting and reporting policies based on on IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards). Our team of experts is dedicated to supporting you in drafting the policies and delivering our solution. In our solution, accounting and reporting policies are easy to find, transparent, comparable and enforceable.

How to use the Fidugius solution for IFRS standards

The IFRS foundation plays a vital role in developing high-quality accounting and sustainability standards that benefit investors, companies and financial markets globally. But how can you be sure that you are amplifying the right information? You need:

IFRS standards and the Fidugius manual

  • up- to-date information
  • easy access to information
  • relationship and interdependencies between information
  • the right level of detail
  • history of changes to information
  • incorporated terms and definitions
  • a document library

The Fidugius solution has it all. Let us show you how to solve your problem.

The benefits of using our Accounting & Reporting Manual for IFRS standards

The Fidugius solution has been developed with the aim to ensure compliance with rules and regulations for both IFRS standard-setting boards:

  • the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB); and
  • the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB)

Consequently, a company has to define what it considers to be an item of property, plant and equipment. These considerations are referred to as the company’s accounting policies. It is important that employees, but also auditors, are aware of these policies.

Sustainability factors are becoming an integral part of investment decision-making. There is a growing demand for companies to provide high-quality, globally comparable information on sustainability-related risks and opportunities, as indicated by feedback from many consultations with market participants. The ISSB Standards will be effective as from 1 January 2024.

IFRS and the Fidugius toolkit solution

Similar to the accounting policies, it is important to implement the standards correctly and to ensure their correct application through timely and accurate accounting in order to disclose the required information.

All necessary information for both the IASB and ISSB can be found in the Fidugius toolkit. This ensures that you can be sure that you are providing information in accordance with the IFRS accounting method.

Fast and reliable reporting on financial and ESG results has never been easier

Do you have to deal with:

Guidelines, Procedures, Definitions and Instructions?

Are you looking for:

Consistency, Compliance, Reliability and Transparancy?

Then choose:

The Fidugius Accounting & Reporting Manual

consistency compliance reliability transparency
guidelines procedures instructions definitions
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The IFRS standards play a vital role in developing high quality accounting and sustainability standards that benefit investors, companies and financial markets globally.

The Fidugius IFRS solution helps you provide and build transparency and confidence in financial reporting, making it easier for C-Level, the management board and investors to analyse companies and make informed strategic decisions.

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We help you to internally share your company’s IFRS accounting and reporting policies with our comprehensive solution.

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