With the Fidugius financial accounting manual, you can share your company’s objectives on financial accounting and reporting with your employees the easy way. Your employees can rely on up-to-date guidelines, procedures, definitions and instructions. A single source of truth that provides a clear structure, strong search and an interactive way to engage and jointly improve the content. You can rely on reliable and timely reporting and our dedicated team to support you.

Financial Accounting Manual

The overall objective of financial reporting is to provide relevant and reliable financial information that enables stakeholders to assess the results and positions of a company and make informed economic decisions. Sounds easy, but for many companies it can be a challenge to prepare information in time and account in a consistent way.

Fortunately, the Fidugius financial accounting manual provides a comprehensive solution for the finance community, with up-to-date information on the requirements for precise accounting of transactions and positions with timely submission of information. All available in one online place to provide a single source of truth.

With a clear dashboard, the information relevant to the user is available at a glance
A structured overview of the accounting and reporting policies that apply within organisation with the option to easily view superseded or upcoming policies.
Clear guidelines that reflect your business practices, including relevant examples and references to accounts. Version history, Q&A and interactive possibilities.
Unambiguous definitions of the objective of each account supported with examples, instructions and references. Taxonomies are used to identify items and present them in the appropriate place, making maintenance effortless.

The essence of financial accounting and reporting is reflected in our solution

The accounting and reporting policies tailored to your company based on guidance from the standards setters.
Financial: the recognition and measurement of a provision.

Accounting treatments
The way transactions and positions are processed, how data is gathered and what the underlying processes are.
Financial: the acquisition of a new machine and its capital expenditure procedure.

Financial accounting manual Solution Fidugius interrelationships

Chart of accounts
The accounts and their structure to recognise the transactions and positions on.
Financial: a sale of a good is recognised on an account within revenue.

Cost centers
The areas within a company used for alloaction.
Financial: license fee for software is allocated to the IT Department.

The features of the Fidugius financial accounting manual

  • Landing pages with structured overviews
  • Strong search functionality
  • Easy navigation
  • Interaction with users
  • Relationships and interdependencies
  • Version history
  • Change log
  • Terms and definitions
  • Site usage
  • PDF generator
  • and much more…

Do you have to deal with:

Guidelines, Procedures, Definitions and Instructions?

Are you looking for:

Consistency, Compliance, Reliability and Transparancy?

Then choose:

The Fidugius Accounting & Reporting Manual

consistency compliance reliability transparency
guidelines procedures instructions definitions
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Fast and reliable reporting on financial results has never been easier

The Fidugius financial accounting manual provides users with:
  • One single source of truth to obtain all relevant information.
  • Insight into how transactions and positions should be recorded, showing the mutual relationships and policies to comply with. Employees are informed of due dates and the information that needs to be provided.
  • Access to the uniform and up-to-date information, to ensure consistency throughout the periods. Your company’s information on financial and ESG accounting and reporting is easily accessible without requiring further interpretation.
  • Multiple ways to actively provide feedback to further improve and enhance the content.
The Fidugius financial accounting manual provides your company with:
  • Compliance with rules and regulations.
  • Consistency in comparing results with budget, previous periods and between divisions.
  • Reduction of operational costs by providing users with clear and up-to-date information, so that they can process transactions efficiently and report accurately, completely and on time.
  • Continuity of knowledge within the organisation.
  • Increased employee involvement and expertise through content contribution.
  • Possibility to hold employees accountable.

Technical information about the Fidugius financial accounting manual solution

The Fidugius financial Accounting Manual is either deployed within your own tenant or offered as a software service

The Financial accounting manual is updated periodically to ensure continuous availability of the solution for your employees. Furthermore, additional features are added based on a roadmap, determined by Fidugius’ vision and, more importantly, by feedback from our customers on new functionalities that make the solution more comprehensive and user-friendly.

Support from Fidugius

Fidugius helps companies to achieve reliable and timely accounting and reporting by facilitating a comprehensive financial accounting manual. Fidugius has extensive knowledge in the field of accounting, consolidation, internal and external reporting and related processes, including internal controls. Customers value Fidugius for understanding their challenges as we are content matter experts. We have used this knowledge to develop the financial accounting manual.

Be in compliance with rules and regulations by sharing the objectives of  your organisation with our solution

ESG Reporting manual

Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) is relatively new. Regulatory guidelines have replaced the ‘free format’ for mandatory disclosure requirements in a company’s annual report. In addition, independent auditors have to give their opinion on the ‘true and fair’ view of these disclosures. Similar to financial accounting and reporting, a company may face challenges in preparing information in time and accounting in a consistent way.

The Fidugius Accounting & Reporting Manual assists companies to ensure ESG reporting is reliable as it shows the company’s material ESG topics, its kpi’s, the framework in place, how to maintain accurate records by following the accounting treatments, and provides information on the appropriate policies.

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