The proven approach of Fidugius to install the solution

We follow a structured approach to building your Financial and/or ESG Accounting & Reporting Manual, but it all starts with your objectives. Once these are established, we inventory the existing information and assess the content gap. Through a series of workshops with proven examples, we determine the structure. It is important to liaise with IT and Communication as soon as possible. Setting up the solution and incorporating your branding may take time.

Depending on the content gap, a project group will be set up to start drafting. It is important to engage a review group to obtain feedback and ensure that all the different aspects of your business are addressed and that real-world examples are incorporated.

The solution is installed once all requirements have been agreed with your IT department. We incorporate the structure and demonstrate this with (draft) content. The styling is deployed to emphasise the solution and the content reflects your company’s objectives. Training is provided to key users to update and maintain the content after the go-live.

Through this approach we guarentee a structured way of working to prepare your financial & ESG accounting and reporting manual, making fast and reliable work a reality.

How to set your company’s objectives on financial and ESG accounting & reporting and subsequently draft content?

Some of our clients have in-house experts in the area of financial accounting & reporting or ESG accounting & reporting. Others may lack this expertise. Either way, Fidugius will assist you. If your company has the experts, we will support you to determine required content, suggest a structured way of drafting content and provide examples.

But we can also assist you in drafting the content. Over the years, Fidugius has acquired detailed knowledge in the area of financial accounting & reporting. We assist clients with conversions to IFRS, ERP implementations, the setup of a new chart of accounts, optimization of financial closing processes and record to report processes.

We have experience and examples of policies, definitions and processes in every industry, which serves as a great benchmark. Our experience with ESG accounting & reporting is not as extensive yet, but similar to newly issued financial accounting & reporting standards, we understand the objectives and how to ensure your company will be in compliance.

approach Fidugius the solution for easy fast reliable reporting

Fast and reliable reporting on financial and ESG results has never been easier

Do you have to deal with:

Guidelines, Procedures, Definitions and Instructions?

Are you looking for:

Consistency, Compliance, Reliability and Transparancy?

Then choose:

The Fidugius Accounting & Reporting Manual

consistency compliance reliability transparency
guidelines procedures instructions definitions
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One solution for your organisation

Ensure you share up-to-date information to those involved
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The Fidugius Accounting & Reporting Manual:

  • Helps you to comply with rules and regulations.
  • Ensures a consistent way of working
  • Reduces costs by working more efficiently
  • Guarantees the continuity of knowledge within the organisation
  • Increases the involvement and expertise of all employees
  • Implies accountability of those submitting and reporting information
  • Has it all in one place

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This is our approach to share your financial and ESG guidelines on accounting and reporting the easy way

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