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Fidugius offers a solution that includes all the features you need to communicate your company’s objectives on financial and ESG accounting and reporting to your employees. Every organisation, regardless of its size, faces the challenge of complying with regulations, managing employee turnover, meeting deadlines, and ensuring fast but reliable reporting. Providing one single source of truth that is available online for everyone within your company is what drives us.

The strength of Fidugius is the all-in-one concept with a strong customer focus. We have developed and maintain a state-of-the-art online solution to share guidance with your employees, enabling you to meet your objectives in the area of finance and ESG. We offer clients our expertise in accounting and reporting and assist them in publishing clear, concise, and non-interpretable guidance. Initially focused on financial accounting and reporting, we have recently expanded our support to also include Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) issues.

What does Fidugius stand for?

Our mission is to assist companies in achieving reliable and timely financial reporting by providing a comprehensive online accounting and reporting manual.

Fiducia is Latin for reliability.

Egregius is Latin for excellence.

Together they merge into Fidugius, representing the reliable excellence that drives us.

Fast and reliable reporting on financial and ESG results has never been easier

Do you have to deal with:

Guidelines, Procedures, Definitions and Instructions?

Are you looking for:

Consistency, Compliance, Reliability and Transparancy?

Then choose:

The Fidugius Accounting & Reporting Manual

consistency compliance reliability transparency
guidelines procedures instructions definitions
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The history of Fidugius

Fidugius has over 30 years of experience in the financial world. We have gained extensive knowledge in the field of accounting, consolidation, internal and external reporting and related processes, including internal controls. Throughout the years, we have noticed the same challenges emerge in every company. Information systems to support the recording of transactions and positions and reporting process are in place. However, each organisation lacked clear guidelines, procedures, definitions and instructions for employees on how to process these transactions, how to recognise a position and when and what to report on. As a result, the reliability of the financial information is questioned, or even its preparation can become a challenge. This led us to develop the comprehensive online Accounting & Reporting Manual, a solution that helps employees understand the why, what, how, who and when.

Meet us

The Fidugius team

Fidugius is a contemporary and pragmatic organisation. We are a small team of enthusiasts with the ambition to help companies structurally improve their accounting and reporting in order to provide management with fast and reliable information. We also rely on a strong network to deliver the necessary expertise for each assignment.

Fidugius Accounting & Reporting Manual

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