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​Both the Fidugiusnet® module Financial Reporting Manual and Enterprise control Framework have to be tailored to your organization.

For the accounting manual this implies that the accounting policies represent company specific GAAP (and not a copy of IFRS), the reporting lines state what should be reported on each line with clear examples and the general ledger accounts (or Standard Chart of Accounts) provide guidelines on the journal entries that should be posted following the transactions within your company. 

Fidugius staff can assist with the implementation of the Financial Reporting Manual. It is important to jointly define the structure of the accounting manual. Once the structure has been determined, content can be included. Within Fidugius up-to-date knowledge on general accepted accounting policies (IFRS, Dutch GAAP, US GAAP) is available and we have a lot of expertise in the area. If your company does not have the capacity to draft and/or include content for the accounting manual, Fidugius is here to assist. 

Fidugius has a proven track record of fast and thorough implementations of both modules via a practical and structured approach. The requirements of the customer will always be the first priority for us.